ty, i rly appreciate everyone’s respect abt this

hey ppl i have not been here in forever

i probably won’t do much with this blog anymore bc the newer eps of at have just made me really uncomfortable with the direction the show is going and how they’re choosing to portray the romantic themes especially

anyway while i’ll always love it for what it got me through a couple years ago, i can’t deal with the show rn with the way it’s going


For the King of Cool you sure are looking hot

This palette was so difficult ngl


Talking tonight’s episode of Adventure Time, “Breezy”

Warnings for spoilers and #sexual assault under the cut

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In three words, how would you describe Finn the Human from AT?

a big nerd


Another commission for frijitsu! Read her awesome fic here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/800263/chapters/1507723 it’s super cute haha